Below are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find what you are looking for feel free to contact us.

When will my ad be posted?
All new ads are reviewed by our System Administrators for vulgar or misleading information as well as any Spam ads for solicitation of services not related to the industry. Most ads will be reviewed within 24 hours.

How do I post an ad?
You can post a free ad at any time by simply clicking the “SUBMIT AD” link at the top of any page. This will guide you through our simple posting process where you will be able to select a category and location for your ad, provide a listing title and a description, contact information and upload images.

Register Now or sign in using your existing login. This creates a profile which helps you manage your current and future listings. Once your ad is approved it is valid for 60 days or until you delete.

NOTE: Once you sign up as a NEW REGISTER you will receive an email with your login information and temporary password. Please change your password for security reasons.

How do I renew my ad?
Ads run for 60 days. You will be notified 5 days prior to your ad expiring with details on how to renew.

What happens if my listing is sold?
#1 We ask that you either email us and let us know your ad is no longer required because it was sold or the job was filled.

#2 You can login to your profile and change the classified status to SOLD so users no it is no longer available or

#3 Delete your ad from within your profile.

How do I delete an ad?
Once logged in you will access your dashboard and click DASHBOARD link. This will show all your listings with the options to EDIT or DELETE.

Can I add videos to my listings?
No. You can only upload photos due to bandwidth.

Who will see my ad?
Anyone searching in the category you placed your ad will have the opportunity to view and respond to your ad.

How many ads can I post?
There is no limit on the amounts of ads you can post but you cannot post duplicate or misleading ads. You will be flagged and those ads will be removed by our System Administrators.

Is it free to post ads?
Currently all ads are free for an introductory period. Basic ads will always be free but if you want to place a Featured Ad in the future there will be a small cost.

Do I need an account?
Yes, you need to sign up in order to place ads as your profile will help buyers and sellers communicate with each other. You can also manage your ads in your profile. We do not sell or distribute your information and we will never ask for your credit card or financial information.

How do I find my ad once it is placed?
Your ads will show up in the category you placed them as well as your profile when you are logged in.

How do I respond to an ad?
To respond to an ad you can simply fill out the SEND INQUIRY within the ad or use the phone number listed if the seller has agreed to provide this information.

How do I receive messages?
If someone responds to your ad by filling out the “Send Inquiry” section, our system will relay the message to your email address. You can then reply directly to the person who sent you the inquiry. You may want to check your junk/spam mail folder to make sure messages are not being sent there by accident.

How do I register for an account?
Accounts are free to register. Simply provide your email address and create a username. Once you register our system will email you with your automatically generated password. It is advised that you change your password for security reasons.

How do I login to my account?
To log in to your account go to our Login page and enter your email address and the password you created. If you do not remember your password or you have not yet created a password for your account, click the Forgot Password link to have an email sent to you with either a copy of your password or instructions on how to create one.

How do I change my password?
Once you have logged in to your account click EDIT PROFILE within your dashboard on the right and scroll down to Password or simply click CHANGE PASSWORD. You can enter a new password.

How do I report scams or bad ads?
To report a scam or an ad you feel may be fraudulent, fill out the Need Help? form on the right side of the ad. This will send notification to our Support Staff to investigate the ad further. If you think you have been contacted by a scammer, you can send us a message through our Contact Us page. Please make sure to include details about the scammer such as email address, phone number, or username.